About us

”Driven partner in shipbuilding”


The core-business of Bijlsma Wartena is the design and construction of sections and vessels. We do that for our world-wide clients. Timeless designs are realized within specified time and budgets. There is a hands-on mentality with short communication lines. The employees are real professionals who keep their knowledge about materials and techniques up-to-date. They are flexible and they know how to deliver value. Quality is our priority. To achieve this, craftsmanship is crucial in every discipline.


The construction and reconstruction of vessels is customized, adjusted to the wish of the client. Vessels with strongly varying purposes can be realized. Bijlsma shipbuilding is active worldwide within the sectors: fishery, offshore, pontoons and accommodations, towing services, dredging, passenger transport and workboats. Our projects are performed on our own yard which enables us to control the progress and quality of the construction of the vessel.

Quality and efficiency

Having insight in the customer demands, leveraging craftsmanship and having a flexible attitude in a dynamic project are focus points which we consider to be important at Bijlsma Wartena. Listening to the client and involvement in the project enables us to create the most ideal condition for the vessel and captain. Besides this we act a sparring partner during the whole construction process in order to gain new insights. We think that these are the necessary abilities for a shipbuilding company to leverage an efficient execution of a successful project.


Our shipyard has a good reputation as a supplier of quality and a high quality finish. This is based on Dutch craftsmanship in combination with classic construction methods. Every production team has knowledge and experience in the present techniques within every discipline. The team members are involved craftsmen with a hands-on mentality and passion for their jobs.

Working outside the yard

For new construction projects on location, our team has complete equipped, mobile workshop containers available. The team members have all necessary equipment on hand such as mounting material, tools, welding equipment, bending- and sawing machines. Because of our experience in turn-key projects, Bijlsma shipbuilding is hired worldwide to carry out projects.

Refit is value preservation

In some cases, the ship is still working fine, and solely a renovation is needed. For example, when there is need for new furniture, a new generator or a new deck, refit could be a good investment. Even more than during the construction of a new ship, Bijlsma Wartena is pursuing a thoughtful solution to redefine a new concept by performing a refit. A refit ensures value maintenance and hence increases the functionality of the vessel. We possess all disciplines which are needed to perform a refit.

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