Shipbuilding in NL

The Netherlands is a country well below sea level and has a long and distinguished history with water. As the Dutch shipbuilding industry is an international centre of maritime engineering, there are many opportunities when considering to commission a Dutch company to build a ship. Especially in the north of the Netherlands, where there are many inland waters, and in Rotterdam, where the main port of the Netherlands is located, many shipping companies can be found. The Netherlands exports nearly two third of its maritime products.

Bijlsma shipbuilding

In-house production

In this sector there is a high degree of internationalization, which often implies that shipping companies outsources the construction of steel hulls to low income countries. At Bijlsma shipbuilding, we build the whole ship at our location in Wartena. This implies being flexible and offering more value to the customer. We have detailed insight in the progress of the project which results in better quality of our end-product.


Because of our years of experience, we have many connections in the shipping industry. We use the best suppliers in order to deliver value. During former projects we often needed to work with new materials, products  and techniques. Because of our domestic and foreign connections, we can make sure to find the right people, materials and techniques to deliver products of quality.

Our location

Our shipyard is located in Wartena, which is in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Wartena is connected to Harlingen, and so the North Sea, via inland waters. On the map the location of our shipyard is shown.


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